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Note: The base price of every Design Home is determined by it's size---and includes limited free delivery in many areas, on-site completion and applicable tax.  (see "Specifications" for a complete list).   The customer is responsible for the basement/foundation, on-site plumbing, and utility connections.  Options include non-essential upgrades and add-ons (ie: fireplaces, skylights, upgraded cabinets, oak doors, etc.--see "Options" for a more complete list).

Please check with a Sales Associate for limitations on Delivery and Heating System Installation.

Design Homes of Clearwater

20041 Edisen Circle, Clearwater, MN 55320


(Model Home Hours:  Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-4, Sun. 1-4)


Clearwater Display Models


Please click the tabs below to view the current models on display at this location.  Any home can be customized or redesigned to meet your needs.

Model #1


Model #2


Model #3


Model #4

For Sale!

Model #5


Model #6


Model #7


Display Model #1

24 x 36 Basic Series Ranch

864 Sq. Ft.

2-Bedrooms, 1-Bath

Our new Basic-Series homes are meant to be a cost-effective alternative that are built just like our "regular" homes, but with efficient designs that keep it within even the smallest budget.

Display Model #2

28 x 54 Ranch

1,530 Sq. Ft.

3-Bedrooms, 2-Baths

Our medium-sized, 3-bedroom ranch with a split-design for efficiency, 2-baths and front design features that give it great curb appeal.  Add a garage and you have everything an average family needs.

Display Model #3

28 x 62 Ranch

1,736 Sq. Ft.

3-Bedrooms, 2-Baths

One of our most popular upscale 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch homes.  This house is often referred to as our "perfect plan" as it features everything that people ask for in a new home...including a floorplan that allows for a front garage which means that although it is a larger home, it can be placed on a narrow lot.

This home shown with front garage

and hip roof!

Display Model #4

14x50 Mini-home/Cabin w/Optional Porch

700 Sq. Ft.

2-Bedrooms, 1-Bath

The Cabin-Series (mini-home) fills two can obviously be a small weekend getaway home that is built exactly like our larger homes--but is simply one section instead of the usual fills a need for a REAL home for one or two people that is particularly cost effective.  It might be a house for the hired hand, or Grandma, or the newly married couple just starting out.  A one-piece REAL home that isn't a trailer!

This display home is currently for sale!

Call any Design Homes location for more information.

Display Model #5

24 x 42 Rustic Series Loft

1,260 Sq. Ft.

2+-Bedrooms, 1-Bath

The new Rustic-Series loft-style home is our most cost-effective version of the loft homes...yet it is built to the exact same specs as our larger versions and includes knotty-pine ceilings!  Add a deck and garage and the loft becomes a dream vacation-style home.

Display Model #6

28 x 66 4-Section Ranch

1,848 Sq. Ft.

3-Bedrooms, 2-Baths

Everyone loves our large and luxurious 4-section model home, but not everyone needs 4-bedrooms and high-end options...and lots of them.  This home is a "real people" version of our popular 4-piece model, but while still sizeable, is a much more affordable 3-bedroom plan.  It retains the character, but is easy on the budget.

Display Model #7

24 x 42 Rustic Series Prow Ranch

960 Sq. Ft.

2-Bedrooms, 1-Bath

Our new Rustic-Series prow ranch was specifically designed for two reasons...we wanted to offer a vacation-style home that was less expensive than our Design-Series "regular" homes, but with the same specs!  ...and...we felt that an inexpensive home should ALSO have some character--and not just a cheap square box house.


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