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Duplexes & Fourplexes

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For over 40 years, Design Homes has been building custom-built, factory-direct homes and rental units.  Each year, duplexes make up a significant part of these sales, and often the owner will live in one half, while renting the other.  Design Homes Duplexes are built with the same construction quality, specifications, and procedures as our "regular" homes, and conform to the same state code as single-family homes. 

Fourplexes, and larger plans, are built to commercial codes and require an engineer to approve the plan on a "case-by-case" basis.

With our current economy, it is difficult for people with good credit to get financing on a new home.  Because of this, national statistics show that rental units have a very high occupancy rate----meaning that people are renting instead of buying.  A CD in your bank may only yield about 1% interest---lower than the inflation rate, but rental units can yield 15% or more!  This is an excellent time to put available land to work.

Many years ago, Design Homes built a series of rental units and currently has 85 units.  All are rented.  We plan to expand with more upscale rentals in the near future.  Although we have not featured multifamily units much over the past few years, the current economy has shown us that it is time to revisit the opportunities we see in rental units.  Here is the floorplan for a fourplex that is quite compact and efficient.  Please call your closest Design Homes location for more information.

(Click to print a larger picture of this 4-plex plan)

The following floorplans are examples of popular duplex plans, but feel free to design your own plan, or change one of ours.  Prices are calculated by the size, as with all of our homes.

Duplex-56'.JPG (52314 bytes)

Duplex-66'.JPG (58629 bytes)

Duplex-66'-2.JPG (53525 bytes)

Duplex-76'.JPG (52461 bytes)

Duplex-2-32's.JPG (53698 bytes)


We, at Design Homes, are often asked, "What is the base price...and what's included in it?"  The base price is simply the starting price for any home, and includes everything noted on the "Specifications" page.  Generally, everything that is essential in a new house is included in the base price, but most people will upgrade a few things and add some "options." 

 The chart below shows the base price for our ranch duplexes.
(Note:  The size alone, determines the base price--not the floorplan.  Customers may design their own floorplan to fit their needs at no extra charge!

Standard Features

Prices include two energy efficient gas furnaces by Lennox, two 50 gallon electric water heaters, two 200 amp service panels, delivery, placement on the foundation, and tax!

NOTE: (The Two Service Panels MUST BE Placed within 2 Feet of Each Other!)
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